TikTok is not yet very popular with libraries but since most of the people that use Tiktok are young folk, it can be very useful to reach kids, teens and young adults which are harder to reach nowadays. 

  • Business Account

With a business account you can add more information to your profile and you can see more analytical information about your account. 

You can create one under Settings -> Manage account -> Switch to business account, then you just have to choose a category. 

After that you can insert the name of the library and for example link to your other social media sides or your own website. 

Under Settings you can also find the category Creator Tools where you can see your analysis and find other information such as questions and answers or other useful information for creators. 


  •  Use trending sounds and hashtags, pay attention to what's popular right now and integrate themes
  • Use hashtags like “library” to make content easier to find
  • Clever jokes about current topics or trends instead of pure information
  • Pay attention to what other libraries are posting and get inspired
  • Also pay attention to BookTok, Tiktok accounts that focus on books
  • Add bio with information about the library or person running the channel
  • Post regularly, several times a week is best
  • Video editing is also an important part of Tiktok to make them more interesting
  • Add subtitles to make content accessible to more people
  • Make your Tiktok account known within the library as well


  • You can pay for others to see your content but this offer is expensive and not worth it as many will just skip the ads
  • Videos can be 3 min long, but shorter ones are better received
  • Videos should have good image quality; pay attention to lighting as well
  • When making your own audio, speak clearly with little to no background noise
  • The background should always be interesting and tidy