• Photos, videos, reels (short videos), IGTV (longer informative videos) and stories to upload content
  • Test what resonates well with followers; check stats to see what works and what tends not to work
  • Use Instagram Insights (statistics) to help.
  • See what other libraries are doing, get inspired by them
  • Follow events, trends and challenges, join in when it fits e.g. #worldbookday, #tagderbibliotheken etc.
  • Present literature, media in general (e.g. as reviews)
  • spread news/information (e.g. changed opening hours, planned events)


  • Use a business account

Contact buttons in the profile (e-mail, phone number, directions)

Clickable link in the profile

Instagram Insights (information about the subscribers and the profile)

  • Serious appearance 

Profile picture (preferably the library logo)

The name of the library as the Instagram name

Biography with brief, concise information and an internet link to the library (the library website)

  • Think beforehand: What do I want to achieve, what do I want the users to take away, how do I want to achieve that (A properly elaborated concept is half the battle)
  • Be committed (don't see Instagram as just another hobby)
  • Add value: When creating content, focus on the interest and needs of the target audience
  • Make the postings recognizable through, for example, a certain image style, color scheme, library logo; Corporate design (Do the images seem harmonious and fit together? Do some stand out?)
  • Post regularly

Articles (photos and videos)

  • Interaction with the community 

Reply to Comments/Like Comments
Reply to direct messages
Stories (polls, countdowns)
Launch Instagram Live Videos 

  • Simple and understandable posts
  • Use caption (image description)
  • Hashtags (keywords like #library) increase the reach of the profile, users can search for them specifically
  • High quality photos
  • "Snackable": Content that is easy and quick to consume
  • Keep profile complete and up-to-date
  • Encourage comments, likes, subscribing to the page, and sharing the page
  • Collaborations with other libraries
  • Promote Instagram account offline/through other channels


  • Disregard DOs
  • Multiple ideas or information overload in one post/caption/story
  • Not solving complex problems and requests from followers publicly (rather in direct messages)
  • Posting without proofreading
  • Constantly repeating yourself 
  • Responding to haters and negative comments (commenting on constructive criticism is fine in individual cases
  • Posting too often